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The Trickster and the Goblin King by Justin A. Mank


Image of The Trickster and the Goblin King by Justin A. Mank

A wild and scrambled work of sexually charged, dada inflected high fantasy. In this hypnotic tale, two miscreants attempt to save a war torn kingdom from its foolish king, who hopes to ascend to godhood by invading nations to find more concubines. Can sex really raise a king to godhood? And what will Zeus, lord of the gods and master of perversion, have to say of the ordeal? The perils will be long, the sex with be short, but the danger is grave for the trickster and his friend the little goblin.

72-pages of Sleaze!!

Limited to 50 numbered copies.

Cover art by Kati Drinkwine
Cover design by Michael Faun

"Justin Mank can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and it will always be more ingenious than you. The Trickster and The Goblin King is no exception to this theoria."

--Jon R. Meyers

"Mank does medieval spit with dada influenced lines.
A fantasy story that takes no boundaries,
through a torn kingdom and it's leader's
sexual desire to have as many partners as possible.
Something along the lines of 'The Neverending Story'
on a dose of Viagra and mythological madness.
'The Trickster and The Goblin King' is fantastic reading material."
- Donald Armfield author of Green Tea Heist